The Single line Hook-on dual scoop Clamshell is specially designed for cranes with one single rope drum cranes. Single Line Grabs can be connected to any crane. Just hook the grab on the crane with sufficient lifting capacity and your grab is ready for operation. In order to minimise material loss and pollution of the environment, single rope grabs can be equipped with closed shells. Each single rope grab is provided with a lock mechanism to secure the closing of the grab. To open the grab, this mechanism must be unlocked.
The equipment is designed to grab & to remove the sledge collected in the waste Tank. The Bucket scoop is fabricated out of alloy steel plates. The main Bucket assembly will be subjected to stress relieving process to relieve induced stresses. The rest of the parts will be fabricated with regular mild steel. The pulleys will be made out of low alloy steel. Using high strength wear resistance electrode zig zag welding is done to Bucket scoop bottom surface using Alloy steel Electrode having wear resistance property

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